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Drink in London: The Shard

Price: ££££
Location: London Bridge 
Ambiance: Dimly lit, romantic 
Occasion: Special 

The Shard is perhaps one of the most touristy attractions in London. The highest building in London, completely glass and made to look like a shard of glass - to those who pass it, it's impressive.

The Shard is conveniently located on top of London Bridge station - literally it's on top of it. For those of you on the Northern Line this couldn't be more convenient. 

It hosts a variation of bars and restaurants - The Shangri La hotel is located higher up than the restaurants and bars. In this restaurant area you have; Aqua Shard, Oblix, Hutong, Lang & Ting. 

Aqua is also the area in which you can enjoy just drinks - separated slightly from the diners in a spacious area. 

I've been a couple of times now and, although it's pricey, it's nice. You're essentially paying for the view - which is incredible - and if just having drinks you don't get much more than that. 

The wine list is okay - I've had better and I've had worse. Now this sounds like a scathing review but rest assured it's absolutely not. I genuinely would recommend going to the Shard for drinks - not for food, I've heard awful things.

One of the huge perks for me is that even on a busy Friday night, you can get a table. I've been at "peak" times on both Friday and Saturday yet faced no issues when it came to queuing or London this is a huge perk. This for me justified the more expensive drinks. 

All in all - I'd totally recommend it for a quick drink and the experience of the height. I'm in no rush to head back to the heights - or try the food - but nonetheless it's worth doing the once.

Stratford, London

Summer at RoofEast

Last week, when it was actually sunny and not cloudy and rainy, I headed to RoofEast in Stratford. Now, as a South West girl through and through I rarely head too far east of the River Thames. 

Now don't get me wrong - I love east London. I work in Shoreditch and I can safely say I wouldn't want to work anywhere else. It's a great place - neighboring onto Hackney which is the less expensive, gentrified version of Shoreditch. My current hairdresser, Glasshouse Salon, actually resides in London Fields.

So it's not that I don't like east London, it's that I never venture too far into it. Stratford has to be one of the most up and coming places in London - it's not quite there yet - and with the incredible amount, and rate, of things popping up there I'd be silly to ignore it.

RoofEast - an events space/area - is located on the top of a car park. In true east London style it's different and challenges the cliche experience of your average rooftop bar in east London. 

Within RoofEast you've got The Rooftop Film Club, Birdies and various food and drinks stalls. Needless to stay you're spoiled for choice and you can easily wind-up spending your whole night there...which is just what I did last week.

Myself and my housemate headed to RoofEast to see what they have to offer this summer (which by the way, is a lot). I have to admit - I wasn't excited beforehand. I felt really unwell, I was quite tired and I'd participated in ass & abs class at Frame Shoreditch at 7am that morning. I was, no exaggeration, in pieces. I powered through and headed to Stratford post-work.

RoofEast is surprisingly big -  hosting a huge open cinema, a decent-sized minature golf course and shacks with burgers, hotdogs, healthier quinoa-based options, strawberries and more. 

Instinct took me straight to the RockaDolla  stall and ordered myself a burger - because it was cheat day, and a burger is essentially salad with large croutons holding it together. I opted for the triple cheeseburger. 

Whilst there I also met-up with Kirsty from What Kirsty Did Next who I'd met at a Mister Lasagna launch. We decided to head to the bar to try out their cocktails - we ordered an Elderflower cocktail whilst Kirsty opted for prosecco. She was celebrating her wedding anniversary later than evening so it couldn't have been more apt.

Whilst we devoured our food and drinks, we also enjoyed live music which played throughout the evening. The sun was shining, there was a great atmosphere and the food was GREAT. 

Happy Hump Day indeed.

Later on in the evening, and a few cocktails later, we played a spot of crazy golf at Birdies. I am the first to admit I am terrible at anything golf related however I persevered, just, and managed to survive the game....scoring an admirable 37 and coming last. Woo! 

I would hands down recommend heading to RoofEast to enjoy the crazy gold, Rooftop Film Club and food. It truly is the perfect way to spend your summer.

Stratford - you've converted me.

Roof East
Floors 7 & 8, Stratford multi storey car park
Great Eastern Way, London E15 1XE

Find Roof East here:

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Taste of Turkey Day

Turkish food isn't something which would initially spring to the forefront of my mind when considering eating out in London - it's notorious for the kebabs, but what about everything else?

It's a cuisine one doesn't normally consider as fine dining - and despite the kebabs usually being great whilst you're scoffing them at 3am after a night-out at Infernos - I feel it's somewhat damaged the representation of their cuisine. 

Turkey was a holiday destination my family loved as a child - it truly was beautiful. Although we holidayed in the notoriously tourist area of Olu Deniz it was still beautiful and the car journeys to the slightly more rural destinations are fond memories of a country I love. 

I was recently invited to an event, sponsored by Pinar, called Taste of Turkey. The event was to showcase the incredible food and produce Turkey has to offer - which isn't just kebab if you're wondering. From restaurant owners to wine merchants - all produced in Turkey - this really was the perfect experience to fully open my eyes to exactly what is on offer.

Given I used to be incredibly fussy as a child - I never tried much of the cuisine and often stuck with the touristy options of salad, meat and anything else incredibly British. 

This night was the perfect opportunity for me to experience a snippet of what I'd missed out on - without having to spend money on heading on holiday.

Held at Brand Exchange - a building co-owned by Dialogue Agency - the day was a chance for everyone to experience a little bit of Turkey. With their breakfast, and all day food, for those who wanted to attend creating quite the storm on social media I was excited to head to their evening event.

Greeted with Turkish champagne - I usually hate champagne but this was delicious -alongside the tradition Turkish coffee and entrees including spicy couscous. The champagne was sweeter than usual - it was almost too drinkable. 

Not long after we were seated in a larger room - there was a host of people there from Turkish natives to bloggers to members of the Turkish embassy. 

For this particular event they had arranged for people to talk us through the cuisine, and country, providing both myself and friend, David from Custard Magazine, a bit more information about the culture. 

Ozlem from was one of my favourite speakers - she talked us through each region of Turkey and what specific food they offer. Aubergine appears to be a firm favourite of the nation know for unhealthier food - who knew?

During we were also provided with wine - I opted for white - which were carefully selected by Melisa Atay from I am guilty of enjoying wine perhaps a little too much (I didn't gain 2 stone in 8 months from just eating, come on) and without a shadow of a doubt this was one of my favourites I've tried. Cursed with having a sweet tooth - it was perfect for me. 

Our food was prepared by Huseyin Ozer's restaurant Sofra ( to which we started with a selection of starters; breads, dips, meat. My favourite was the lamb and the spicy couscous. The main was an aubergine mashed  (the consistency was much like porridge with a mild taste) topped with lamb, which was tender. Sofra offer a whole host of different foods in their restaurants in Mayfair and Oxford Street. I, for one, cannot wait to go back.

The dessert was a weird one - a soft cheese in a sweet pastry topped with a sugary caramel sauce. The cheese, from Pinar, combined with the sweetness was something which, in all seriousness, made me feel uncomfortable and apprehensive. I struggle with the concept of sweet and savoury - but I was pleasantly surprised when it tasted incredible. I need to find a place which stocks the cheese...#AllOfTheFood 

Turkish food really isn't something to be overlooked and overshadowed by, perhaps, more mainstream cuisines such as Thai. For a cuisine which has so many flavours from so many regions it's surprising to see many people tarring it with one brush - I was guilty of it before experiencing a mere snippet of what they have to offer when it comes to food and wine. 

If you want any further information about Taste of Turkey day head here:

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Online Dating: Why So Many Weirdos?

As you will all know - I am guilty of online dating. I mean I don't have the time to faff around with the original, proper dating we all, used to, know and love. It's easier for me to have it at the touch of the button, and pretty much on demand wherever I go and whatever time I demand.

Yet - the one thing I seem to be unable to escape is the weirdos. I am talking the bat-shit crazy weirdos who simply just do - not - get - it. If I say I am not interested, then believe me I am not. I am not playing games nor pretending to be not interested in hope that men will find it attractive. I mean I really don't want to waste my time with you. 

With online dating you kind of expect at least 4 out of every 10 people to be a little bit weird, and that doesn't seem to budge. You're essentially going on blind dates with people who build personas online - and sometimes more often than not they turn out to be completely different in person.

Sometimes this is great - that socially awkward guy you were a little unsure about turns out to be absolutely hilarious. Brilliant

Sometimes, however, you get the guys who come across lovely yet manage to be complete physcos without meeting you. It's kind of fucked up. 

What spurred me to write this post is infact one of those incredibly weird guys, who claims he is a nice guy, whilst also borderline harassing me. 

I mean what's this new trend of guys claiming to be 'nice guys' whilst harassing you at every hour of the day?

So it goes as follows...

We were chatting for a bit - I was busy, and luckily, never managed to meet up with him. Eventually after he had called me over 5 times in one evening whilst also conveniently being "close to where you're eating" I was a bit weirded out. I said, straight-up, it wasn't going to work and that I wish him all the best on The Inner Circle (where we'd started talking) after he lost his phone. 

Genuinely I did wish him the best, he seemed okay albeit extremely needy and borderline annoying.

He continued to text me despite me saying this, and of course I ignored the messages. I had made my point and I really felt there was no need for me to make it again.

Three weeks later - he started up again. Let's also keep in mind, I've never met him or spoken with him on the phone. He is a complete stranger - and weirdo. My friend had my phone whilst he started his barrage of messages...I never thought I'd screen shot and post but this guy was relentless...

 Now it makes me raise the question - what is it with guys thinking that we owe them something because we've exchanged a few messages? That is I cancel it's because I am bailing - rather than a genuine reason?

It takes a lot of piss me off - but this really did. 

For someone, I've never met, to speak to me and expect so much from me despite having not met them or paid any interest in's the perfect example of just how fucked up online dating can be.

And as for guys - please take note. I am not looking for a child, I don't want to have to message you every hour of the day and I shouldn't have to.

To all you Captain Forwards out there - maybe tone it down a little. It's not cute - it is creepy.

London, UK

How I Actually Feel About Dating

If you've been reading Style Devoured for longer than 8-months you will have realised that dating has become a topic on my blog, and rightly so. It's something I find interesting, and for a while I solidly dated - every night of the week was date night.

But what do I actually think about it?

I kind of hate it, I won't lie. I love it - I really do - but I kind of also detest it. If I could define a love-hate relationship I'd list this as one. 

We are the dating generation - everyone is doing it, making apps for it or thinking about it. Honestly if you are single in London then everyone assumes it's not out of choice - but that no one wants you.

I mean good god - how dare I be alone and happy?! 

Being in alone is deemed as appealing as the plague to many - yet I don't get it. Would people not find you more attractive if you're capable of being alone, rather than pining over someone who you don't want just need?

London, a city full of millions, is probably at it's peak with it all. For every one woman there is 6 men, and in some cases vice versa. 

The problem with this is that with this abundance of different people you always wonder 'what if', 'who else' and 'is there someone better'. The reality of dating in London is that you're unlikely to ever be satisfied. 

With this comes a certain set of criteria - which 9 out of ten times we just don't fit - and whether it's because they have a shit sense or humour, or despite being 29, still live at home with their mum they just simply won't do.

I mean it's tough - because being single and happy is deemed impossible, but finding someone who feels the same as you is also typically a dead-end. 

I can list in the past year the amount of people I've found myself even remotely compatible with - and it's one. One fucking person in an ocean of many that I get on with - and that's no fault of my own, might I add.

Throw in a few emotional issues with a healthy combination of men thinking with something other than their brain or "heart", and quite honestly you stand little chance of meeting someone and it ending in a sustainable relationship.

However if you're in the market for someone who thinks with their dick, and in all honesty just doesn't have the time for anything serious, they you are certainly in luck. This kind of guy is readily available in London - yours to take home, though not for too long. He wouldn't want you thinking he'd committed to you.

Yet despite this - being alone is still some ridiculous crime.

Dating can be so much fun - I mean it is so much fun - if there wasn't the pressure to find someone, rather just take everything as it comes.

The reality is that when you're trawling Tinder, Happn or Bumble to find "the one" you're unlikely to find anything other than disappointment - expectations are too high.

I love dating - but London you've got to chill the fuck out.


Check out the best dating apps for London

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10 Things I've Learnt Since Being in London

Well obviously Style Devoured is a predominantly London based blog - if you hadn't noticed - and believe me when I say being in London for a year has taught me more about myself and life than an entire 19 years in Kent.

I moved up last year - however moved back temporarily to Kent for a few months whilst continuing to work in London. Initially I did not want to move to London...I mean I was furious about it. Yet it turns out to be the best thing I have ever done.

In one year I've managed to progress as a person and career more than I would have in 5 years back home - and I genuinely couldn't be happier. But I've learnt a few things along the way...

Londoners are grumpy
Londoners are in a permanent state of being fuming - whether it's the extortionate rent prices or perhaps the horrendous commute - they aren't happy. Throw me back a year - I used to get onto the tube at rush hour wearing heels and, heavens above, smiling. I've learnt that, even if I am happy, to keep it to myself...

Don't wear heels on the tube in rush hour 
For the love of god, learn this now. I learnt this the hard way - or rather the victim of my stupidity did. I wore heels to work (when I first starter) and when the tube jolted I managed to stab this poor bystander with my heel...on the rush hour. She literally cried, which in turn made me cry....and it was awful. DON'T WEAR HEELS.

Growing up is £$£$£ 
Growing up is expensive now the bank of mum and dad has closed, and the bank of Kassie has opened. The loan rates aren't as good, and spending £200 on a night out isn't feasible when you're paying £800 for a box room. It's a whole different league - a much poorer one. I mean the Bank of Kassie is essentially the equivalent of League 2 in football to put in bluntly.

You will see every kind of person
London is rife with individualism - you will never see so many quirky people. Whether they've got ridiculous hair or a dog dressed in a suit, I mean the possibilities are endless. People used to say New York was weird - but having done both I'd say London is a little weirder...and it's great.

Dating is shit...
There is simply too many people, too many options that no one will ever be satisfied...

...but dating is also incredible
It's also ridiculously great - you have the best places to go and each guy is trying to out-do the other. You have easy pickings when it comes to men in London being a girl, so if that's your thing it's wonderful.

The food is in another league...
Arguably - London has some of the best food in the world. The food here is out of this world, and it's not the place you would expect. The hidden gems usually are my favourite; for example Bucci's in Balham was a recent expedition. It is great.

Take the day off if there is strike...
Don't even attempt the other forms of transport - it's just not worth it. It's hassle, it's annoying and borderline impossible. Work from home, take the day off...just don't go in.

It can be lonely
With a city full of over 8 million people it's weird to think it gets lonely - but it does. Despite there being this amount of people it doesn't mean any of them are there to talk to.

It's the most incredible place in the world...
It is hands down the most incredible place in the world. It's vibrant, buzzing and full of opportunity. I have done New York, Paris etc - but I'd choose London every time. 

It's the best.

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